Xcalibur Slickline Jar

Protect against stuck tool strings and fishing jobs in cased-hole slickline operations

For cased-hole electrical line operations, the Impact Selector Xcalibur™ Slickline Jar is the ideal tool for the job, even under adverse conditions. Logging, perforating, pipe recovery and P&A are all performed reliably and easily with the Xcalibur. In fact, the Xcalibur Slickline Jar was the first cased-hole mechanical wireline jar to offer in-the-string adjustability.

The Xcalibur Jar is available for slickline operations in a 1-9/16” OD size, and is rated to 400°F and 25,000 psi.


  • Fully adjustable on the surface while in the toolstring
  • Maintenance can be performed in the field within a confined space by a certified technician
  • Instant and unlimited activations with no waiting period once the pre-set is reached
  • Resets downhole immediately under its own weight for unlimited activation cycles


  • All-mechanical design is unaffected by pressure or temperature
  • Accommodates a variety of slickline connections
  • Short, compact design which helps keep rig up time to a minimum
  • Simple design, reliable performance


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