Roller Bogie® – Slickline

Reduce friction, reach extended depths and higher deviations without the need for costly services

Impact Selector’s Slickline Roller Bogie® tools enable slickline operations to be performed more quickly and easily. Operators can perform the work using the same equipment without changing wireline operating procedures resulting in time savings with less risk. This is the most efficient conveyance system available. Used in most wellbore conditions, up to 87° deviation

Slickline Roller Bogie®  tools can be installed at any point in the tool string. With independent swivels, the self-orienting roller body ensures the rollers are at all times oriented to the low side of the tubing. The tool string is lifted onto large, highly-efficient rollers, eliminating contact friction and enabling easier and deeper wellbore access. Running weight remains positive and steady, pick-up weight is greatly reduced and the risk of wire breakage is lowered; jarring can be precise and more effective.

Slickline Roller Bogie®  tools are available in a wide range of sizes to pass through all wellbore restrictions and can be ordered with a choice of connection types to suit individual tool string requirements.


  • Self-orienting design
  • Low friction dual rollers
  • Streamlined profile
  • Robust and durable tool design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Available for all tubing sizes


  • Reach extended depths and higher deviations without need for
    costly services such as coiled tubing or wireline tractors.
  • Lower pick up weight means reduced wire loading.
  • More effective and visible jarring at greater depth or higher
    deviation due to efficient transfer of mass.
  • Maintain completion integrity by protecting coated and
    high-chrome tubulars.
  • Improve data quality by eliminating “slip-stick” and achieving
    more constant logging speeds.

Roller Bogie - Slickline

Roller Bogie - Slickline

*Tool weights and lengths are average values per Roller BogieÒsize.

**Recommended maximum tool OD that can be conveyed using a particular Roller BogieÒ size.


  • Tubing drift and sampling
  • Scale and debris removal
  • Plug setting and retrieval
  • SSD manipulation
  • Kickover tool deployment
  • Memory logging and perforating
  • Fishing
  • Tubing Re-entry


Roller Bogie® tools are original designs by Impact Selector and are protected by patent.  They are not available elsewhere.  Roller Bogie® is a registered trademark of Impact Selector.









Roller Bogie - Slickline