Low Loader Roller Bogie® Jar

Provides exceptional effective jarring actions for larger bottom-end tools

Impact selector’s low-loader Roller Bogie® jar is designed to deliver exceptional jarring performance at high deviations and is used globally with a proven track record of success at deviations up to 830 .

The low Loader Roller Bogie® jar is deployed towards the bottom end of a Slickline tool string providing support and delivering effective jarring action ideally suited to larger bottom end tools such as kickover tools and plugs. The Low Loader Roller Bogie® jar is typically used in combination with Impact Selector’s Advanced Kickover Tool (AKT).

The low loader Roller Bogie® jar is available with composite rollers for use in GRE lined tubing and in a wide range of sizes. All connection types are available to suit individual tool string requirements.

Applications :

  • Kickover tools
  • Locks, plugs
  • Bridge plugs/ Bridge plug retrieval
  • Sliding side door manipulation

    Features :

  • Large rollers elevate jar axis.
  • Fully aligned tubular jar delivers efficient jarring action to
    actuate bottom end tools.
  • Axis shift knuckle transfers jarring forces efficiently.
  • Balanced design
  • Easily maintained

Benefits :

  • Larger diameter tools such as kickover tools, plugs or drifts do
    not cause avoidable fictional drag.
  • Effective high deviation mechanical jarring
  • Easier tool string manipulation
  • Ability to run larger diameter equipment
  • Enables access and jar action beyond conventional wireline
    depths and deviations.

Low Loader Roller Bogie Jar

Low Loader Roller Bogie Jar

*To weights and lengths are average values per tool size.

Roller Bogie® tools are original designs by Impact Selector and are protected by patent.  They are not available elsewhere.  Roller Bogie® is a registered trademark of Impact Selector.