High Deviation Roller Bogie® Jar

Virtually frictionless Jar takes jarring to a new angle

Impact Selector’s High Deviation Roller Bogie® jar is a radical step forward in mechanical jarring technology and performance, there’s nothing else like it.

The High Deviation Roller Bogie® Jar has global presence and boasts a track record of successful operation up to deviations of 85°. The High Deviation Roller Bogie® Jar has virtually no internal resistance. When run is combination with Impact Selector’s Roller Bogie® conveyance system, an a ultra low friction system is created that allows maximum acceleration of tool string mass at high deviations.


  • Sized to match tool string Roller Bogie®
  • Bi-directional jarring
  • Virtually no internal resistance
  • Robust reliable design


  • Effective extreme deviation mechanical jarring action.
  • Assist the operator by improving tools string visibility on surface.
  • Clear and effective jarring action reported during fishing operations at 85° deviations.

High Deviation Roller Bogie® Jar

High Deviation Roller Bogie® Jar


Used in conjunction with Roller Bogies® for any deviated slickline Intervention work such as:

  • Kickover tools
  • Inflatable packers
  • Bridge plugs/packers
  • Fishing
  • Sliding side door manipulation

*To weights and lengths are average values per tool size.


Roller Bogie® tools are original designs by Impact Selector and are protected by patent.  They are not available elsewhere.  Roller Bogie® is a registered trademark of Impact Selector.