Advanced Kickover Tools (AKT)

Easier. Faster. Safer. It’s time to rethink gas lift intervention

Impact Selector’s Advanced Kickover Tools (AKT) is designed to deliver exceptional performance during gas lift interventions. The AKT is used globally, with a proven track record of success at inclinations up to 83° and can be supplied to suit all gas lift mandrel size. The AKT incorporates many unique features, including highly efficient rollers which eliminate contact friction, enabling access to gas lift mandrels located at higher deviations.

A further benefit of reduced frictions is a more precise indication at surface of tool string load transfer. This allows the slickline operator to identify tools string movement more easily, enabling improved decision making and reducing the chance of a mis-run.

The majority of the industry remains cautions when designing gas lift completions, tending to place gas lift mandrels in areas of the well that are considered accessible using standard slickline techniques. However, this approach can lead to suboptimal production rates. The AKT specifically addresses these challenges, enabling gas lift mandrels to be positioned at greater true vertical depth therefore optimizing production opportunity.

To enable access and maximize operational efficiency within mandrels located at higher deviations, Impact Selector’s Roller Bogie® conveyance system and low Loader Roller Bogie® Jar are typically used in combination with the AKT.

AKT awareness sessions can be provided upon request, which are aligned with the industry’s need to focus on competency and service quality levels within gas lift intervention operation.

Advanced Kickover Tool


  • Low friction roller assemblies
  • Low torque swivels
  • Integral valve catcher
  • Radially balanced
  • Easily maintained
  • Available for all mandrel sizes and tubing restrictions


  • Reduce operating time and cost by increasing the chance
    of first time success, regardless of mandrel deviation or pocket orientation.
  • Assist the operator by improving tool string visibility at
    surface, reducing the possibility of a costly mis-run.
  • Reduce the risk to asset by eliminating a minimum of two runs,
    due to the inclusion of an integral valve catcher.

Specifications chart


* Tools weights and lengths are average values per AKT size.