Slickline Products

Save time and costs with slickline technology from Impact Selector

Each of Impact Selector’s Slickline Wireline Jars: the Xcalibur, Blockbuster, and Impactor SL are designed for a specific application in the slickline environment. The advanced technology of these tools ensures high performance to protect against time-consuming and expensive stuck toolstrings and expensive fishing jobs.

Our reliable, all-mechanical designs mean pressure and temperature are far less likely to affect jarring performance. Each slickline jar resets downhole immediately under its own weight for instant and unlimited activations. And each is field adjustable, saving time and overall operational costs.

Protect against time-consuming and expensive stuck toolstrings, fishing jobs, and mechanical services in cased-hole slickline operations with Impact Selector Intelligent Conveyance™ technology.

Slickline Jars