MFT Reduced Maintenance Wireline Jar

A single-tool solution offering optimized jar design in 3-3/8” & 3-11/16” sizes

Part of Impact Selector’s Intelligent Conveyance Technologies™, the MFT™ Reduced Maintenance Wireline Jar is a single-tool solution offering an optimized jar design for the highest level of impact and efficiency. Its superior mechanical force and advanced design delivers the impact necessary to reliably free a stuck wireline string. All it needs to be activated is approximately 1600 ft. of free wireline cable to achieve the most effective impact possible.

Unlike other jars, the MFT delivers instant activation. This is important, as the first minutes of a potential sticking event are critical to the successful freeing of the toolstring. Compared to conventional hydraulic jars, the MFT is not subject to clogging or problems due to temperature variations, internal oil type, or contaminated oil.

As a single-tool solution, the MFT operates without running an additional tool such as an enhancer to assist in facilitating impact. With one less tool in the string, there are fewer failure points with which to contend. In addition, the MFT seamlessly splices into the toolstring, saving valuable time.

Optimized Jar Design

  • The unit’s sealed design ensures that internal electrical and mechanical components are protected from wellbore fluids
  • Isolation of internal components from wellbore fluids allows for extended run time with minimal preventative maintenance and decreased frequency of full service maintenance
  • Standard configuration is rated to 400°F; 25,000 psi, which covers 95% of the bottom hole temperature/pressure combinations
  • High Pressure/High Temperature configuration, rated to 500°F; 30,000 psi, is also available Redundant insulation system ensures electrical conductive reliability
  • Instant re-latching is realized under the tool’s own weight by decreasing line tension, providing for an unlimited number of activation cycles per job

Designed for Productivity and Safety

  • The MFT is 15% shorter than competitive jars, saving more than 11 ft. of toolstring length over a combination jar/enhancer system
  • MFT is 75 lbs. lighter than some competitive jars, significantly reducing handling weight
  • The activation force can be adjusted while the MFT remains in the string, adding to its overall level of productivity
  • Adjusting of the activation force requires only small hand tools
  • Incorporated manual release feature doesn’t require additional heavy equipment

Unmatched In-String Performance

  • Is easily adjustable in minutes on the rig floor, from 4:1 up to 20:1, with conventional tools, offering a much more versatile activation force ratio than conventional wireline jars
  • Provides for a superior level of versatility and flexibility in wireline string development
  • Produces a wide range of impact forces through its ability to adjust the activation force itself, as well as the ability to independently adjust the ratio between the activation force and impact force
  • Activates instantly when the desire setting is achieved
  • Features a setting range from 0 to 10,000 lbs., with setting increments approximately every 500 lb
  • Incorporates a patented positive indicator pin that shifts when the tool is activated
  • Utilizes a patented connector block and fully insulated wiring system encapsulated in the internal insulating oil. This barrier provides an ultra-reliable electronic conductive path, reducing the potential for downtime due to jar problems




Boot Retention Mechanism

Boot Retention Mechanism

The MFT utilizes a proprietary, patent-pending Air-to-Fluid Boot Retention System.


Adjustment System

Adjustment System

This allows adjusting of load settings for multiple and reliable jar activations.


Fluid Isolation & Compensation System

Fluid Isolation and Compensation System

The pressure and temperature compensation system is designed with all mechanical components isolated from wellbore fluids.


SMFT Multiconductor Jar