MCX Multi-Conductor Wireline Jar

Proactively free stuck tools during open-hole wireline operations

Impact Selector’s MCX™ Multi-Conductor wireline jar is a field-proven, cost-effective way to help prevent stuck toolstrings and expensive fishing jobs during wireline logging operations.

In the 3-3/8” OD size, the standard MCX is rated to 400° and 25,000 psi. In the 3-11/16” OD size, the MCX is rated to 500°F and 30,000 psi to accommodate HPHT conditions.

Precision engineered to operate reliably, the MCX provides instant, unlimited activations, with no waiting periods or time delays. Once line tension exceeds the setting of the jar (indicating a stuck condition), the MCX activates and frees the stuck toolstring.


  • Prevents stuck or lost toolstring
  • Provides a short, compact design and doesn’t require additional tools to enhance its operation
  • Allows electrical “pass through” to the logging companies’ wireline toolstring
  • Provides multiple run and activation capability
  • Uses mechanical operation. No time delay issues, or concerns with pressure and temperature
  • Accommodates instant relatching
  • Utilizes remote calibration with Impact Selector’s Portable Calibration Tester


  • Simple design, reliable performance
  • External accessibility and easy-to-use adjustment system
  • Rugged, field-proven electrical components
  • Built-in mechanical activation indicator which can be reset at surface


High Pressure Bulkhead

High Pressure Bulkhead

Dependable High Pressure Bulkheads are installed in all MCX Jars for uninterrupted data acquisition in harsh wellbore conditions.


Adjustment System (MCX)

Adjustment System

Adjust load settings for multiple and reliable jar activations.


Tattle Tale

Tattle Tale

A mechanical activation indicator is built into the tool, which can be reset at the surface.

MCX Standard Jar