New Mechanical Wireline Jar Delivers Quick Activation, Reduced Maintenance

November 14, 2014 – Heath, Texas – Impact Selector International, a leading resource for Intelligent Conveyance™ solutions for the oil and gas drilling industry, has introduced the new BMFT™ Reduced Maintenance Wireline Jar. A single-tool solution, the BMFT™ offers operators an efficient tool for mitigating wireline sticking events, reducing downtime, and ultimately, costs.

This patented jar, engineered to work seamlessly with standard Baker Hughes electrical connections, combines a reduced maintenance design with quick, reliable activation. Unlike some competitive jars, the BMFT combines minimized drag along with optimized weight and stroke length to achieve superior impact performance. The tool is easily adjustable from 4:1 to 20:1 impact ratios with conventional tools.

The BMFT is unmatched in its ease of use, featuring in-string adjustability and a convenient manual release. A wide range of impact settings is also provided.

Another important feature of the BMFT is the fact that it delivers instant activation, a critical benefit since the first minutes of a sticking event are crucial to the successful freeing of the tool string. In addition, the BMFT features a sealed design, helping to ensure that electrical and mechanical components are protected from wellbore fluids. This allows for extended run time with minimal preventive maintenance.

Safety is built in to the BMFT design, as well. The unit is 15% shorter than competitive jars, saving more than 11 ft. of toolstring length over a combination jar/enhancer system. The tool is also 75 lb. lighter than competitive jars, significantly reducing handling weight. Adjusting the activation force can be performed with the tool in the string, requiring only small hand tools. This combination of short length, reduced weight, and in-string adjustability greatly enhances safety.

Stated David Lane, President of Impact Selector International, “The BMFT is designed for ultimate efficiency. As a single-tool solution, it operates without running an additional tool, such as an enhancer. It’s so efficient, all it needs to be activated is 1600 ft. of free wireline cable.”

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As a leader in advanced wireline jarring technology for more than 20 years, Impact Selector International has evolved into a pre-eminent resource for Intelligent Conveyance Solutions™. Working with operating companies early in the well-planning process, Impact Selector can leverage years of understanding and expertise, along with the most advanced jars, to best provide the most reliable, cost effective, and efficient solution.

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