Impact Selector Participates in SPE Paper Covering Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs)

April 25, 2015, Heath, TX – A team of wireline experts from Impact Selector, Gaia Earth Sciences Limited, BHP Billiton, and Nexen Petroleum USA Inc. recently collaborated in the development of an SPE paper, entitled Using Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs) To Mitigate Cable Sticking. This article, SPE-174068-MS, was part of the SPE Regional Meeting held in Garden Grove, CA this past April 27th – 30th.

This article explored how wireline standoffs (WLSOs) could be used to significantly reduce the risks associated with cable sticking during deepwater logging operations, making wireline operations a viable alternative to pipe-conveyed logging. The article also cited the success of WLSOs used on eight high-overbalance wells in the Gulf of Mexico, detailing how multiple arrays of WLSOs were deployed to facilitate deep formation sampling without any incidence of cable sticking.

This paper also covers the origins of WLSO design, along with such critical issues as job planning and operating procedures. Recommendations for future research into the issue of cable sticking were also included in the paper.

To access the SPE paper, Using Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs) To Mitigate Cable Sticking, in its entirety, please click here.

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