Jar Optimization Modeling that Accurately Predicts Jar Performance

Impact Selector’s proprietary knowledge management and modeling software, Impact Pro™, was developed to help provide the insight needed to more successfully deploy wireline tools.

How it works

Impact Pro creates a virtual toolstring based on well conditions and jar settings to accurately predict how the jar will perform in downhole conditions. The program creates a customized analysis taking into account factors that most affect jar performance: deviation, toolstring makeup, and mud weight. Add in a customer’s specific toolstring data and Impact Selector’s jar settings, and the result is a unique, comprehensive perspective that cannot be achieved by any other method.


  • Provides customized analysis of well conditions to identify tools most susceptible to failure, or locations where a high probability of sticking exists.
  • Once the desired configuration is reached, the jar can be set prior to deployment or on location.
  • As toolstrings or well conditions change, a new analysis can be performed and the jar can be reconfigured to accommodate those changes.

This chart demonstrates the report that can be generated with Impact Pro software, using inputs for each tool in the logging string.


This chart shows the results generated from the input report.