HPHT Products

A broad selection of products designed to perform within today’s harsher drilling environments

As drilling operations have become increasingly challenging, the demand for equipment that can meet this challenge has become greater, too. Drilling deeper, in harsher environments, and through difficult materials has become a reality. In addition, testing and evaluation of completed and partially finished wellbores is often engaged to increase well production and ROI.

With these real challenges comes the increased likelihood that tools, toolstrings, and downhole equipment may become stuck within the wellbore, often requiring an expensive fishing operation.

To help mitigate these issues, Impact Selector has brought to market a range of wireline jars and accessories that have been specifically engineered for the high-pressure, high-temperature application so prevalent today. Many of our jars feature full adjustability at the surface while the jar is still in the toolstring, short, compact designs for easy implementation, and of course, ratings to 500°F and 30,000 psi.