Roller Bogie® E-Line Cased Hole

Virtually frictionless Jar takes jarring to a new angle

Impact Selector’s E-Line Roller Bogie®  tool is designed to reduce frictional resistance and enable access to high deviations. With a proven track record of success at inclinations up to 87° and at depths in excess of 25,000 feet, the Roller Bogie® tool is extremely robust, reliable and widely used  in over 50 countries across six continents. Cased Hole E-line Roller Bogie® tools are available in mono-conductor, multi-conductor, and perforating configurations and can be used in virtually all electric-line operations.

Roller Bogie® tools can be installed at any point in the tool string and lift the string on to highly efficient rollers, eliminating contact friction and allowing easier and deeper wellbore access.

The roller body rotates freely around the mandrel which is connected to the host tool string. The unique body shape ensures the rollers are at all times oriented to the low side of the tubing.

E-line Roller Bogie® tools are available in a wide range of sizes to pass through all wellbore restrictions and can be ordered with a choice of connection types to suit individual tool string requirements, including profiled bull nose guides when run at the bottom of wire line tool strings.


  • Self-orienting design
  • Low friction dual rollers
  • Streamlined profile
  • Robust and durable tool design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Available for all tubing sizes


  • Reach extended depths and higher deviations without need for costly services such as coiled tubing or wire line tractors.
  • Improve data quality by eliminating “slip-stick” and achieving more constant logging speeds.
  • Deploy longer perforating guns in deviated wells.
  • Protect high value equipment from frictional wear.
  • Improve cable management by reducing erratic loading.

Roller Bogie E-Line Cased Hole

Roller Bogie E-Line Cased Hole

*Tool weights and lengths are  average values per Roller Bogie® size.

**Recommended maximum tool OD that can be conveyed using a particular Roller Bogie® size.


  • Production Logging
  • Cement Evaluation
  • Casing Inspection
  • Perforating
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Plug Setting
  • Reservoir Evaluation
  • Tractor Assist
  • Tubing Re-entry


Roller Bogie® tools are original designs by Impact Selector and are protected by patent.  They are not available elsewhere.  Roller Bogie® is a registered trademark of Impact Selector.












Roller Bogie E-Line Cased Hole