Oriented Perforating Tool (OPT)

Take Aim. FIRE! Preselect the direction in which Perforating guns fire

Impact Selector’s Oriented Perforating Tool (OPT) is a wire line deployed, passive, roller platform which is used in combination with Impact Selector’s Roller Bogie® conveyance system.

The OPT is  connected to the bottom of the gun string, ensuring that the gun rotates and the perforating charges are positioned at the preferred orientation, in relation to low side datum. This method ensures that production opportunity is optimized by perforating in the desired fracture plane.

The OPT is made up of modular weight-biased sections that combine to deliver torque to the gun assembly, rotating the guns to the desired direction of fire. Gun alignment is adjusted manually on surface using an indexing system to select the required orientation prior to running in hole.

The dial up indexing feature of the OPT ensures fast orientations set up. Unlike certain other systems, the OPT places no restriction on the size or type of shape charge that can be used.

The OPT has been used globally with a proven track record of success, reducing both cost and risk in perforating operations.


  • Simple mechanical design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low friction roller platform
  • Modular system
  • Fast set-up on surface


  • Reduces cost, reaches extended depths and higher deviation without the need for more costly interventions services
  • Reduces risk, no power required from surface to operate OPT

Oriented Perforating Tool

Oriented Perforating Tool


*Tool weights and lengths are average values per tool size. Other sizes available upon request.