Roller Bogie® Technology

Roller Bogie® Tools

Used and trusted by more than 200 customers in nearly 60 countries for slickline, electric line and perforating applications, Roller Bogie® is the name on the world’s most trusted, most effective wireline conveyance tool.

A unique patented cost-reducing roller technology, the Roller Bogie® product enables wireline access in deviated wells previously considered difficult or impossible and has become the industry standard in wireline conveyance as a direct result of its incredibly successful track record.

Even after thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of feet, Roller Bogie® tools continue to demonstrate near-perfect reliability. Roller Bogie® tools are simple, robust and reliable, reducing operational complexity and ultimately dramatically reducing cost compared to other conveyance methods such as coiled tubing, drill pipe or wireline tractors.


Self-orienting Roller Bogie® tools lift and support the wireline toolstring off the low side of the well. Large rollers eliminate contact friction making it easier to convey the toolstring to working depth. Once at depth, results are more assured.

With reduced frictional drag, weight transfer is improved and wireline operators can be much more confident of what is happening downhole: running weight remains positive and steady, pick-up weight is lower. The risk of wire breakage is reduced and the toolstring can be manipulated more accurately, more effectively, whether running sensitive logs, working in a gas lift mandrel or precision jarring.


  • Patented self-orienting design means the toolstring always rolls, never slides
  • Integral swivels for independent component rotation – less wire stress
  • Dual rollers distribute loads and bridge over tubing upsets
  • Integrated virtually anywhere in the toolstring for optimum positioning
  • Streamlined profile – large by-pass area minimizes fluid resistance
  • Robust, durable design – leave nothing downholeSimple maintenance maximizes longevity and tools are easily redressed


  • Avoid the need for costly and complex coiled tubing, drillpipe or wireline tractors at high deviations
  • Lower pick-up weights means reduced risk of wire breakage
  • Slack-off weight remains positive due to reduced slip-stick
  • Better data results from more constant logging speeds
  • More effective and visible jarring due to better weight transfer
  • Coated and high-chrome tubing are better protected
  • Toolstring components are protected from frictional wear