Impact Selector and Wireline Engineering Announce Strategic Combination



Impact Selector combines an
advanced optimization program
and proven wireline jar technology
to provide industry-leading
Intelligent ConveyanceTM solutions.



In response to the increasingly challenging nature of today’s formation evaluation and well intervention operations, we at Impact Selector have continued to advance the state-of-the-art in the critical area of conveyance technology.  While we have developed and successfully deployed a wide range of high-performance slickline, e-line and wireline jars over the past 20 years, more importantly we are leading the way with a whole new and advanced approach to downhole conveyance.  We call our approach Intelligent Conveyance Technologies™.

Intelligent Conveyance Technologies™ is a uniquely proactive process, combining planning at the well development stage and careful analysis of well characteristics with strategic placement of risk mitigation tools.  Resulting from this effort are solutions to potential downhole challenges before they become problems, ensuring optimal evaluation and intervention outcomes.

Today’s oil and gas industry is faced with a number of challenges – hazardous environments, difficult well conditions, inexperienced personnel, fluctuating commodity pricing, and the need to control costs. One answer to these issues is using technology to drill, complete, and produce wells more successfully and more efficiently. To provide for this outcome, potential risks must be identified, and their resolution planned before they occur. We at Impact Selector believe that this type of proactive approach represents a positive departure from simply trying to solve problems after they occur.

With our Intelligent Conveyance™ approach to mitigating the risks inherent in formation evaluations and well interventions, we at Impact Selector are ready to work closely with our customers to ensure fewer problems and optimized well outcomes.

Find out how we’re changing the nature of downhole conveyance operations by reading more about our Intelligent Conveyance Technologies approach to planning for and executing formation evaluation and well intervention operations. We also encourage you to find out more about our suite of products and services, each designed to support our Intelligent Conveyance Technologies process – including our broad-ranging Engineering Services, as well as our suite of HPHT, Open Hole, Slickline, and Electric Line tools.






People innovating products and services that mitigate risk, enhance efficiencies, and improve production, which results in mutual profits for our customers and stakeholders.


Impact Selector is the most reliable and trusted provider of conveyance technology solutions that mitigate risk, enhance efficiencies, and improve safety for customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide.


Making an IMPACT – Core Values


We take initiative with customers by developing and delivering the best products and services to mitigate risk, enhance operations, and improve safety while providing a mutually superior ROI to all stakeholders.


We are motivated to profitably grow through: mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers; strategic training and development of our employees; geographic expansion; product development; and strategic product and company acquisitions.


We do what is necessary to meet our commitments (both internally and externally) and don’t stop until we have met our customers’ needs and accomplished our objectives, doing what is promised or better.


We hold ourselves accountable through honesty with customers, vendors, investors, and fellow team members, taking responsibility for our actions by completing our objectives on schedule, with safety always a priority.

Customer Focus

We are in business because of our customers and therefore, we deliver on commitments, provide unprecedented service, and react quickly to our customers’ needs to solve issues in the most technologically advanced, efficient, safe, and rewarding ways.


We work and collaborate as a team doing whatever is necessary, assisting each other, making the task the boss, and ensuring we accomplish our objectives successfully.

What is

Intelligent Conveyance Technologies™ is a full suite of products and services designed to enhance conveyance operations, and to mitigate and prevent sticking risks faced during formation evaluations and well interventions.

A proprietary Impact Selector approach, Intelligent Conveyance means we begin our work with operating companies at the most optimum time in which to make an impact on their wireline operations – at the planning stage – rather than waiting until something goes wrong downhole. By being involved early in the planning process, we’re able to leverage years of understanding and expertise to best provide the most cost effective, efficient risk mitigation solution. The combination of strategic insights and proprietary products delivered through our Intelligent Conveyance process and innovative technology ensures we can better help oil and gas companies optimize performance and reduce costs, today and in the future.

See a case history relating how the Intelligent Conveyance process, combined with advanced Impact Selector Wireline Standoff designs, contributed to the success of a wireline operation in the Gulf of Mexico

Intelligent Conveyance TechnologiesTM includes:

and Accessories

Technology that supports the way you approach operations today



Harsh environments, safety concerns, more demands for greater efficiencies and productivity, and the pressure to achieve optimal production and cost savings at every turn have operators turning to Impact Selector for technology and tools that can help accomplish their goals.

Impact Selector’s Intelligent Conveyance Technologies™ are designed to increase safety and overall efficiency during formation evaluations and well interventions. Included in this unique approach is a complementary suite of software and downhole tools incorporating wireline jars, stand offs, roller systems, intensifiers, and proprietary ImpactPro™ risk-modeling software that is changing expectations for planning effectiveness in the oilfield. These products and accessories offer proven performance in the most extreme open hole and cased hole environments, including HP/HT wells.

All Impact Selector tools have been designed to match up with the threading, through-cable wiring, and crossover connections of the major service companies’ tool strings. In addition, all electrically wired components are pass-through mechanisms, allowing data to travel back and forth through the tool without interference or jamming.

If you would like to know more about how a particular product can meet your requirements, please contact us.


For more details on our products, technology, features and benefits, please refer to our resources below. Product information is also available in a number of other languages, please contact us for further assistance.

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A highly experienced and skilled team dedicated to cutting-edge technology, and to you



What’s the next technological frontier in the energy industry? How can we most effectively address downhole conveyance challenges today and tomorrow?

It’s questions like these that drive the professionals within the Impact Selector Engineering Group. In addition to addressing our customers’ most pressing wireline conveyance issues, this group of experienced and skilled technologically minded individuals are developing products and concepts designed to make the entire E&P process more efficient, more productive, and much safer.

Each member an expert, our team was carefully assembled to create the energy industry’s most dynamic engineering resource. This one-of-a-kind team of professionals combines the dedication, experience, and intelligence that cannot be found within another industry organization.